Highlights of Treatment

Vasti means instillation of Ayurvedic medicines through the anal opening i.e. Enema. For a healthy life, every person should undergo Vasti Panchakarma in each rainy season to detoxify the body and prevent of diseases arising from Vaata Dosha.


Sarvanga Snehana and Swedana is carried out prior to each Vasti sitting. After that the Vasti Medication is introduced with the necessary equipment and patient is advised to rest. Vasti is advised for 8days/ 15 days or 30 days as per necessicity. Not much diet restrictions are advised during Vasti Panchakarma.

Vasti Panchakarma is generally advised to patients having Joint disorders, Skin disorders, Constipation, Menstrual problems, Vaata Vyadhi and many more.

Following are the different types of Vasti -

The above Vasti are performed as per requirement, Prakruti and disease.