VIRECHANA (Detoxification by Loose Motions)

Highlights of Treatment

Virechana is a Detoxification process of the body in which the body is cleansed internally by induced and controlled Loose Motions. For a healthy life, every person should undergo Virechana Panchakarma in each summer season and in the month of October to detoxify the body and prevent of diseases arising from Pitta Dosha.


Initially Pachana medicines are given for roughly 1 week depending upon person to person. Some diet restrictions are to be followed during this period. Then Ayurvedic Ghrutapaan (having Ayurvedic medicated ghee) is conducted roughly for 5 days as per requirement. After that Sarvanga Snehana and Swedana is carried out for three days. On the third day in the morning, after Sarvanga Snehana and Swedana, Virechaka medicines are given which starts the cleansing of body by induced loose motions which stop till the evening. After that strict diet plan is given which needs to be followed for 5 days.

Virechana Panchakarma is generally advised to patients having Skin disorders, Hyperacidity, Asthama, Menstrual problems, Pittaja Vyadhi and many more.